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Photographs and cakes by Orlando Lovell

#S—001: Still from “A Very Civilized Cake Fight” June 2018.

Blue icecream shaped meringue cake.

Pink and white meringue cake.

#S—004: Green pancake shaped meringue cake.

Portrait of Felicity, participant in “A Very Civilized Cake Fight” June 2018.

#S—006: Colin pressed into a pink cake, .gif from “A Very Civilized Cake Fight” June 2018.

Green jello and whipped cream confection for “A Very Civilized Cake Fight” June 2018. 

Yellow buttercream cake for “A Very Civilized Cake Fight” June 2018.

Dancer Eleni Ploumi gets pressed into massive cake. .gif from “#smothered” April 2018. Footage from Marica de Michele.

Designer Lauriane Heim cake-faced. .gif from “P!uf-P!uf” March 2018. 

Chapter (3)
~ #smothered

#smothered is a series of three happenings in which consenting subjects get their face pressed into a cake. A collaboration with designer and baker Orlando Lovell.


The cake-to-face action is performed with an audience watching, at a slow pace, immersing the face into a confection to the point of slight discomfort


Primitive instinct is what makes humans want to copulate, fight, and hunt. It’s at the root of unbridled human emotion. Primitive instinct is suppressed to preserve order, which leads to dullness.

Absurdity is one way to interrupt that suppression, and pie-ing might be the best example of playful absurdity in ritual form. Caking and pie-ing open up access to intense pop-up emotions, in a slapstick way that preserves levity and joy. It’s a medium that’s been leveraged throughout history by comedy, for politics, and as fetish.

Psychosocial dysfunction is due to a cultural inability to integrate primitive instinct into daily life. So these Cake events investigate ways to tease out instinctual energies that would otherwise remain locked away (while keeping a supervisor in place to ensure noone is harmed).

Each event is a provocation to extract silliness, shame, erotic impulse, sadism, glee, or messiness.