Pleasure Systems Archive
De Witte Dame
Eindhoven, NL
50 x 120cm Poster
Collections of pleasure-oriented screenshots ripped from the internet, and cropped into viewing holes. YouTube mukbang, ASMR chew, and PornHub shots. Organized as an avalanche of fetishistic and erotic media... Looking at how pleasure is created in the minds of internet users through the kinds of material that is picked to trend at the surface or just below.

© 2021 MLLRG (Cabrera Press)
M Miller initiates and supports discussions about gender and sexuality through collaborations and workshops, illustrations and design, continually working to recenter decolonization as a guide. Their work includes the illustration of objects, especially those that have some sort of relationship with the body (mostly sexual tools and other artifacts). They also design and produce sexual tools and prosthetics, research the relationship between sexuality and decolonization, and seek to support activists through visual media and writing.