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MT—001: Multi-tool prototype with g-spot insert, 2015. Maple, hardware, milk paint, and whey-based polyurethane.

MT—002: Ideations for initial designs on paper and trace.

MT—003: Sketches of handle profiles.

MT—004: Sketches of handle angles and insertable profiles.

MT—005: Plaster, plastic, wood, and metal multi-tool prototypes with g-spot insert, 2015. Wire, plaster strips, plastic resin, maple, hardware, milk paint, and whey-based polyurethane.

MT—006: Multi-tool prototype with beaded insert, 2015. Maple, hardware, milk paint, and whey-based polyurethane.

Chapter (10)
~ Multi-tool

Initial prototype for a long lasting toy system that allows for variations in anatomy. The tool set includes three handles, and a varied set of insertables to meet the various needs of users.


First prototype shows the palm grip handle, best for consistent outward thrusting. Future two handles are the traditional and the solo. Traditional mimics a screwdriver or hairbrush handle, and is best for control over angles. Curved solo play handle is modeled after a whisk, and designed for masturbation. Accompanying insertables range from knobby beaded shapes, designed for progressive insertion in anal play, to curved G or P-spot stimulators, in various sizes and colors.

Currently in development: engineering the lock system to allow for accessibly locking the insertable into the base handle without excessive force,and without needing an additional tool, and secure lock which cannot fail during use. Plus an easy way to pop the toy out of the lock, using a motion that would never happen during use, does not require additional tools, but is intuitive, with a way to very easily clean all parts without causing rust.