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GP—001: A Sotheby’s owned painted plywood table, modeled from photographs after one supposedly delivered to Catherine the Great.

GP—002: Porn categories and search terms focus on the fetishization of oppressed groups, and it’s no surprise that those whose labor and bodies are economically exploited, are also exploited for white men’s sexual pleasure. In the US south, the most popular category viewed on Pornhub in 2016 was “Ebony”. 

GP—003: Besides the problem of racialization, there’s also an issue of patterned sexual positions that tend to cater towards constructed hetero male excitation in the form of a typical action script: blowjob to start, doggie style in the middle, blowjob to end, cum shot on face

GP—004: About gender categories, the philosopher Paul B. Preciado said “These two states of being, male and female, only exist as ‘biopolitical fictions’.” They are constructed realities that serve to maintain imbalanced power dynamics.
Let’s imagine each biopolitical fiction called gender is a basket. 2 little baskets. And each culture has agreements on which personality qualities should belong in which “gender basket”.
Qualities like Tenderness, Willfullness, Accomodation, Lack of emotions. These are personality elements that become gendered by cultural agreement. Those who perform their assigned gender most effectively, with correct qualities, gain more social approval.

GP—005: There are 100,000s of untested rape kits collecting dust on police storage shelves for years in the United States. The systematic neglect to fund the testing of rape kits, and allow rapists to go free, is by design, not like a “whoops” accident of bureaucracy.

GP—006: A Basque online platform called Porno Eskola teaches youth about sex and feminist pornography, which could be used as the start of a global teaching model, if it weren’t being attacked by lawsuits.

GP—007: Regarding the popularity of Ebony videos captured/created by pornhub, these videos are largely created by and catered directly to white men as per this video called “Overpowered by Big Black Cock 2”.

Chapter (8)
~ Gender + pornography


This discussion centers on expectations of gender roles, and how gender and sexual desire get created through current forms of pornography.

If one were to actually believe that the genitals truly do, inherently, produce the same function as their corresponding the political regime, then Andrea Dworkin’s anti-penetration anti-porn anti-penis ethos makes perfect sense. From that perspective, all men are truly hateful for actually, thoroughly BEING the power and domination that systematically rapes, murders, and objectifies the bodies of those who are deemed Female.
But being born with a penis and XY chromosomes doesn’t make a man. Man is a belief system. It’s propogated and cyclically fed to certain bodies in a feedback loop over time.

Genders #1 and #2 are simply a collection of qualities. Anthropologically, each culture has verbal and nonverbal agreements on which qualities should belong in which basket. Willfullness? Tenderness? Anxious speech? Accomodation of space? Self-sacrifice? Self-doubt? Lack of emotional affect? Those who perform their assigned gender category most effectively, with most of the correct qualities, are most approved of by their culture.
One of the media areas most ripe with creating male sexuality (specifically white male sexuality) is pornography... 

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