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FF—001: Koomah wearing protective eye gear under Force-feeder trough with plum pudding sauce. Feeder demo at MicroSpace Houston, 2015. 
📷Ronald Jones

FF—002: Force-feeder -- Mitered plexi trough with a laminated wood base, meant to be screwed into a surface below to secure the subject. Product shot, 2015.

FF—003: Ronald post-feeding. Tapioca pudding being cleaned at Feeder demo.
📷Traci Matlock

FF—004: Close-up of plum sauce and Koomah’s chin.
📷Ronald Jones

FF—005: (Self) with tapioca pudding covering face at Feeder demo
📷Ronald Jones

FF—006: (Self) with tapioca pudding covering face at Feeder demo
📷Ronald Jones

FF—007: Sandy Ewen administering tapioca pudding to (self) at Feeder demo.
📷Traci Matlock

FF—008: A post-tapioca Melelani
📷Ronald Jones  

Chapter (9)
~ Force-feeder


This is a delivery system. Mainly for pudding, though it has also accommodated chocolate cake and turkey gravy. Its wooden legs straddle the neck of a volunteer, supporting a clear plexiglass trough above the face and neck. Screwed to a table through holes in the feet, the feeder pins its subject down ensuring the head is immobile and in a receptive position.
The funnel base opening expands outside of the range of the subject’s mouth, so food, usually tapioca or rice pudding, ends up spilling on the chin and nose.


Freud might have been triumphantly ignorant about genitals, but his oral fixation theory is still compelling. According to psychoanalysis, maladaptive oral fixations can result from premature or late-stage weaning, causing an interruption in the early psychosexual stage of development. This smothering trough is not built to fatten its subjects; it’s made to shove food in and around the mouth and throat. It is “non nutritive sucking” that benefits the feeder more than the recipient, and the intention is to allow a power dynamic which mixes sweetness and sadism.