Microspace (10x10 series)
Houston, TX, USA
Demonstration of a force feeder, designed to help immobilize a person and then be a delivery device for slop, like tapioca pudding or wet cake. A 2-part piece made from plexiglass and wood. The clear trough is mounted on a laminated wooden base that fits around a subject's neck and, if screwed in, pins them down onto a horizontal surface.

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M Miller initiates and supports discussions about gender and sexuality through collaborations and workshops, illustrations and design, continually working to recenter decolonization as a guide. Their work includes the illustration of objects, especially those that have some sort of relationship with the body (mostly sexual tools and other artifacts). They also design and produce sexual tools and prosthetics, research the relationship between sexuality and decolonization, and seek to support activists through visual media and writing.