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DB—001: Social Media flyer for Design-a-Body.

Screenshot of an internet article featuring the social response to male lactation. Medical anthropologist Dana Raphael claimed that men can force lactation simply by stimulating their nipples.

“The Boys and Girls Club” survey I created February 2018 to collect information on how people define masculinity and femininity. The biggest differences tend to relate to the bodies that produce sperm, and those that produce eggs, become pregnant, give birth, and breastfeed.

DB—004: The Semenette Instructional video.Stephanie Berman is a Californian entrepreneur who ran into a lot of problems when she and her girlfriend were trying to get pregnant. They used a pretty unsexy Turkey Baster method, and after countless failed attempts at pregnancy, Berman designed a dildo where you can load up donor semen inside the device and eject the semen during sex. They got pregnant the very first try using her prototype, and after that Berman perfected the design into the Semenette ejaculating sex toy.

Image of the first baby born from a transplanted uterus in the US, born in 2016. This procedure has been successful a few times before in Sweden, and similar procedures are happening in the UK.

DB—006: Image of the delivery room during the birth of the first US baby born from a transplanted uterus in 2016.

Extremely premature lambs have been kept alive in an artificial uterus for four weeks. The system uses a fluid-filled plastic bag and could be used for premature babies within the next three years. [src]

Talking about the Semenette and generally looking gay. From De Mus social media image archives

DB—008: Why tho? Picture of an expressive audience during the Design-a-Body lecture. From De Mus social media image archives.

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~ Design-a-Body

Talks given for De Mus Tilburg and Design Academy Eindhoven in Spring 2018, exploring how medical innovations in prosthetics and surgeries could impact popular views on gender.