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BC—001: 3D sketch of bio-modified genitalia from the Body by CRISPR workshop 17/11/18 @vanabbemuseum.

BC—002: IG story screenshot featuring 3D sketch of bio-modified genitalia from the Body by CRISPR #kindergardenbiotech

BC—003: IG video post screenshot featuring Olle demonstrating multi-part genitalia models involving handles and filaments, from the Body by CRISPR workshop.

BC—004: IG video post screenshot featuring arctic-looking genitalia with a pool and bright colored fur, from the Body by CRISPR workshop.

BC—005: Initial prototype for genetically-modified genitalia. Airdry clay, watercolor, and liquid latex rubber over plaster body cast, March 2018.

BC—006: Close up of prototype for genetically-modified genitalia.

BC—007: Photo from Body by CRISPR lecture and discussion. , hand-drawn and converted to risograph print, 2017.

BC—008: Male shark with claspers, duck vagina, pseudo-hermaphroditic cockerspaniel vulva, and detachable octopus penis hand-drawn and converted to risograph print, 2017.

BC—009: Flyer for Body by CRISPR workshop 17 November 2018, graphics by Clodagh Read.

Chapter (2)
~ Body by CRISPR

In every globalized corner of the world, civilizations are racing towards a future in which augmented bodies are commonplace, increasingly transformed by intentional change. Implants, prosthetics, surgical modification of flesh and bone, genetic engineering.
With genome-editing tools like CRISPR taking center stage, and political beliefs around natural ethics losing ground to more expanded possibilities, scientific funding tells us that it’s full-speed ahead with the biotech chronicles. We can only begin to imagine our future bodies.

Parallel to the technological revolution, a queer revolution unfolds with comparable fervor. As part of the dissolution of gender, the proto-fascist ideals of perfect Male and perfect Female genital form (depicted in pornography through aggrandized penises, skin-bleaching, permanent hair removal, and labiaplasty) may fall as a consequence of the changing sexual-cultural landscape.


Taking inspiration from an incredible variety of human (intersex and otherwise) and animal genital form, Body by CRISPR charts the wildwest of our microscopic anatomies, envisioning previously unimaginable forms in that space left behind when idealizations give way to multiplicity.

How can we leverage genetic engineering via CRISPR as a tool to reject binary ideals, and develop future bodies based on a more mysterious multiplicity?


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M Miller initiates and supports discussions about gender and sexuality through collaborations and workshops, illustrations and design, continually working to recenter decolonization as a guide. Their work includes the illustration of objects, especially those that have some sort of relationship with the body (mostly sexual tools and other artifacts). They also design and produce sexual tools and prosthetics, research the relationship between sexuality, race and decolonization, and seek to support activists through visual media and writing.