marisa miller
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Exhibitions + Performances

2018 Social Design  Temporary Art Center, Eindhoven - Netherlands

2018 A Very Civilized Cake Fight  Temporary Art Center, Eindhoven

2018 Where is the record? Wall Street Eindhoven, Eindhoven

2018 The Art of Hosting De Witte Dame, Eindhoven

2018 Pu!f-pu!f Design Academy Eindhoven

2017 Music Factory Onomatopee, Eindhoven

2017 Live demo TDG at Darker Studios, Brooklyn

2017 Ask me TSElliott House, Brooklyn

2015 Feeder MicroSpace, Houston - USA

2013 Katamari El Rincon, Houston

2013 Backbend Avant Garden, Houston

2012 Bounded Operator El Rincon, Houston

2011 Monster Domy, Houston

2011 Día de los Muertos MECA, Houston

2010 Extruded Architecture 57 Delle, Boston

2009 EFFECTUS Wareham Studios, Boston

2008 Gender Agenda Gallery Project, Ann Arbor - USA

📷photo by Robert Andriessen

        Former Texan oil and gas worker turned designer, writer, and material cultures researcher.
MLLRG revolves around Redesigning the Site Where Sexuality Occurs (RtSWSO). RtSWSO is a game that looks at breaking systems and making new ones. One of my favorite things to breakdown would be dysfunctional gender-specific belief systems around sex; either leaving a void in its place, or considering how to replace dysfunctional beliefs with other ethical beliefs. Within the context of this experiment, I build design objects, educational opportunities, and performative situations.

MLLRG provides writing and design research services. See Services for freelance rates.

Lectures + Workshops

︎ 2018  Body by CRISPR  Van Abbe Eindhoven

︎ 2018  Design-a-body  TAC Eindhoven

︎ 2018  Design-a-body  De Mus Tilburg

︎ 2017  Destroying the Nuclear Family  TAC Eindhoven