A Visual Interpretation of Georges Bataille's Story of the Eye
Hand-bound, single-print book containing the full text of Georges Bataille's infamous Story of the Eye. Each page of text is paired with a cropped stolen image, pulling from a curated collection of high-end dog food, French soap, sploshing, gaping, wood carving, fertilizer, mummification, forniphilia, mukbang, and medical eye defects. A personal 'mining' of the guts of the internet to show the endless possible inspirations that could accompany a visual remix of Story of the Eye based on the aesthetic of current times.

Designed and published in 2018.

© 2021 MLLRG (Cabrera Press)
M Miller initiates and supports discussions about gender and sexuality through collaborations and workshops, illustrations and design, continually working to recenter decolonization as a guide. Their work includes the illustration of objects, especially those that have some sort of relationship with the body (mostly sexual tools and other artifacts). They also design and produce sexual tools and prosthetics, research the relationship between sexuality and decolonization, and seek to support activists through visual media and writing.