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VI—001 A6 book cover

VI—002 page 1, [Original source unknown]. “GIRL ORGASM FILMED FROM INSIDE VAGINA.” Pornhub, [via], [Date unknown].

VI—003 page 29, [Original source unknown]. “Danni Daniels Space Age Shemale.” ShemaleModelsTube (via TSSeduction. com), actor Danni Daniels, [Username unknown], [Date unknown].

VI—004 page 69, The Raw K9. “Grass Fed Beef Gullet.”

VI—005 page 27, [Original source unknown]. “Party time.” Tumblr, seaviewroad, 19 Apr 2014.

VI—006 Inside cover, CarmitaBonita. “Would you like some plump cake?” Pornhub, actor Carmita Bonita, Dec 2016.

VI—007 page 103, https://cataractsurgerycentre.wordpress. com/2016/06/27/cataract-surgery-in-weak-cornea/

VI—008 page 88-89, featuring fried flowers and the anatomy of the reproductive system of a cat

Chapter (7)
~ A Visual Interpretation of Georges Bataille’s “Story of the Eye”

A re-contextualization of the English translation of Georges Bataille's 1928 novel L'histoire de l'oeil. Appropriated online images (pornography clips and screenshots, animal food, medical close-ups, and bits of grabbed content that imply material sensuality) accompany each page of text. These juxtapositions point to a relationship between the amoral deviance of the 20th century narrative, and the exponentially surging chaotic content of the internet.


Roland Barthes' 1962 analysis of Story of the Eye focuses on the centrality of the eye to this series of vignettes, and notices that it is interchangeable with eggs, bulls' testicles and other ovular objects within the narrative. He also traces a second series of liquid metaphors within the text, which flow through tears, cat's milk, egg yolks, frequent urination scenes, blood and semen. [src]