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Set of wooden toys designed with extended handles for partner play. Carved from walnut into a curve for g-spot stimulation, and finished with a nonporous, silky smooth, easy-to-clean surface.
  • Stained with nontoxic milk paint
  • Varnished with a body safe sealant
  • Polished to shine

Houston, TX, USA
Pop n lock multitool sex toy prototype, inspired by multi-bit screwdrivers. Designed for ergonomic ease on the wrist and hand when engaging in manual/toy sex with a partner. Also created for flexibility of use by having a single stable handle that comes with various optional inserts that pop and lock into that handle. These inserts that have different qualities depending on the partner's needs — more curved, thicker/thinner, beaded, etc.

Gender Agenda exhibition
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
A font prototype based on shapes that might be pleasurable when connecting with the body. Sculpted into three-dimensional toy forms.

A talk at “De Mus”
Tilburg, NL
Hormones and lab-made organs are changing the way we think about gender. Gender is heavily influenced by ideas about baby-making. Our social structures, legal system, architecture is based around who can be a biological mother and father. But medical advances in artificial wombs and insemination tools, continue to complicate the dogmatic ways that we view gender roles. This talk explores how implants, hormones, and prosthetics could help change the social structures of Western culture.

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